First feeling: Albania is scary. Most of what you know (or imagine) is wrong.

From my first contact with the country, I remember above all a friendly welcoming of Albanians. It is a tradition, in fact, to welcome the traveler better than your own family.

Of course, you must take care, like everywhere else and you can check, make some research before leaving. Helping you with that is the purpose of this website.

Thus, I wish to share my experience as an independant traveller. We can find (very good) travel agencies which can set up trips, but I like the "all by yourself" approach.

My first Albanian experience (which lead me to open this hostel) was a one and a half month's road trip in a van, of 2500 km, between June and July 2017. By the way, I did a vidéo.


06 10 entre parc et Kruje
06 07 Bzhete (5) 06 17 Orikum sunset


I hope presenting few things you can't find elsewhere in order to prepare you as well as possible for your trip and avoid unuseful inconveniences.

However, I suggest visiting these well-documented websites (why do again good stuff?!) and above all make your own experience!


2017 11 20 10 56 39 AlbaniaThe essential of this part deals with road conditions and places where you can find free water springs. Water is an abundant ressource in Albania and, because of the communist period, sources can be found along roads. Convenient to fill your tanks!

Eventually, the main media highlight goes to Riviera (Albanian coast) which is, I grant it, awesome. However, I am fond of mountains and located in Korçë so I will focus on these areas, around the triptych:

  • "nature", listing infos about parks around, at this link Nature
  • "culture" with information about traditions, History of the region, at this link Few words of culture and History
  • "food" showing typical dishes of Korca, local producers, at this link Let's eat!