Hello everybody,

Well, yeah, spring is in the air, the sun rises again, buds are on the trees but, but... the rain is here too and the coldness. So, unlike last year, I could not do without heating. Supply of wood and use wood-burning stove!! 
My first moments were cold: it's invigorating!
Then, in three weeks, I could observe the season change, even it's still cold now.

However, I could warm myself organizing the hostel:
- big cleaning,  tidying up,  weeding, planting, etc
- a few fixings: the hot water tank (remove calculus, change the thermostat and resistance -> we find everything in kit form here, it's great!), water saving nozzles, shower heads which didn't like freeze
- to supply my local products stockand to show them proprely, I hope
- and some new fittings, works: a tender for my many laundries and small "archs" in the garden to be protected of the sun, put a limit in the bathroom for the shower (seems nothing but changes everything), curtain rods and a brand-new mattress in the studio, a sheld at the reception, decoration especially in the big room (I recycle, do new with old!). 
No sooner open again than family and friends arrived. Guests too: a busy start! 
Finishing some other fittings between all this and take my mark again as hosteler: I haven't seen April! 

Because, hosteler can be, in the same day: chimney sweep, plumber, gardener,  wood cutter, removal woman, cleaner, cooker, touristic guide, decorator... 
And, also, business woman with my first balance account "made in Albania", for the last season. Some administrative tasks which take time, to do them all right.

So, I'm not getting bored. I'm still meeting nice people, especially during this starting season because there are people who take their time, sometimes atypical profils, more than tourists in a rush (but, well, are there stressfull people in Albania ??).

You will find a few pictures on my Facebook page, at this link:

Anyway, I look forward to enjoying the garden, picking up fruits which are growing now and keeping the small bar running during nice evening parties.

I will tell you this in a next message, during summer... Since there, be well and happy!