Mirdita! Hello!

I'm back in Korçë for this second season!

I enjoyed this winter in France, working on several communication stuff (logos, menus, activities sheets, etc). I insist more on the ecological and B&B aspect of the hostel and not a party hostel. I also developed more explanations about the concept applied on hostel (mattresses and linens in a natural material, home-made washing products...).

A huge work on the website since Christmas, as I said, to improve it, especially the booking page and to add Italian language (thanks Nico).
What's new:
- shared calendar to check avaibility of the rooms / who is here and when, and a bookink form (http://agimit.com/index.php/en/contact-or-book)
- "maps" page more developed (I did a few hiking maps, http://agimit.com/index.php/fr/cartes-albanie-et-korca)
- pages "nature" and "culture" added
- GoogleMaps integrated for location
- video integrated
- widjets added (small interactive Tripadvisor logos ) and links to social networks
- a "guest" page to sumarize all the infos for visitors coming to my home (http://agimit.com/index.php/en/guest-page-eng)

And I added a "blog" side with my former travels with the last one, around Christmas, in Prague. (but it's in French ;) )

I hope all this will be practical and useful. The website begins to be correctly ranked in search engine, I'm happy.


This winter was also for me a curse semester, as a teacher and a student: one master degree (Travel industry) very enriching, in ESH (Ecole Supérieure Hôtellière) in Tourcoing, and my last year as a teacher in ESIEE, an engineering school in Amiens.
A little bit schizophrenical sometimes but I'm very glad I shared a few months with an interesting and smart groups of students.

End of the professional turnover. 100% tourism now!
End of this nomad winter in Hauts-de-France, between Doullens, Amiens and Lille, between family house, van, friends, dorms... By the way, I warmly thank all my hosts. I was glad to see you again friends of Lille. It was intense and unique. The next trips there will be quicker.

Let's do concrete stuff! Gardening, cleaning, etc!
Let's go ahead for the new season! Some pictures coming soon and I will tell you my busy arrival...

PS: some information about cheap flights, you can land in Corfou then join Saranda by ferry and visit South until Korçë...
PS2: My postal cards wall is growing for my big pleasure. A little dedicace to my Master collegues ;)