Time. Time is necessary to set, to be known, to build relationships, to see plants growing.
I came with this long time in minds, as a long-term project.

A soft and diplomatic arrival I hope, to be accepted, to take marks and rise the hostel. Yes, it's a bit like a birth. Many people reproduce themselves biologically, I prefered creating with my minds and my hands... So much energy, work, thought for a result which satisfy me a lot.


So, Stars of sunrise is on the way. The first season was long to start then an acceleration since mid-july permetted me to achive my economical goal. It is promising for the future. Also, I see more clearly now (especially about administrative), which was the purpose to start quickly with a rent. I met friends, learnt Albanian language, discovered more the surroundings, settled partnerships for foods and activities. Well, I prepared the next season and I have still lots of (too many!) ideas!


Thus, I was surprised about the quality et the diversity of the meetings. I had different kinds of guests (yes, not "customers"). So, it was very interresting in the human point of view. And the feedbacks of the travellers are very enthousiastics about Albania. So, I'm pretty objective :) And when I tell you to come as soon as possible, it's not because of my hostel. All the feedbacks says that it will grow quickly. The coast was already crowed this summer...

Now, I go back to France for 6 months, not really serein to leave this new-born or this little flower as a friend called it.
The hostel is closed for winter. I will be back beggining of April 2019 for all the summer season in Korçë (April to October 2019).
So, book your flights and tell me as soon as possible when you come (it's a small place that must be full quickly ;) )

See you soon