The feeling to be at the right place: a very pleasant feeling, powerful, that gives you lots of positive energy!

The hostel hosts its first guests, everything's ok.

While my friends were visiting me, I enjoyed exploring the city and surroundings with them. You will see beautiful new pictures on the website: http://agimit.com/index.php/fr/korca-photos/category/4-korca
The administrative side took me lots of time. As a foreigner, there was an order to respect and I was a bit bloked because of my rental contract not signed. This was fixed, thus I could create the society and follow the administrative steps (municipal office, visa, etc) and above all do my internet subscription!!
So, now, I have internet in all the hostel :)
The contacts are going on also for local and organic products for breakfast and micro-grocery. Nowadays, I have lots of cherries!

I am also on different booking websites (I don't tell you which ones, it can be a game to look for me :P) or guides:


I hope future positive reviews. Let's see if I do good work...


Even if there is still lots of little stuff to do, I'm fully ready for summer season!

Moreover, I'm looking for contacts in hiking clubs, cycling, music or else whom do organised trips for small groups, like sports or cultural travels... 
If you have contacts, I'm interessed in! 

It would be nice of you to transfer this mail to your contacts :) mouth to ears, spread this small seed in spirits...

And it's time to visit Albania...

a nice promotional movie: https://youtu.be/QAEuRg08Axc

Have a nice day and see you soon maybe?


PS: the bier festival will be from 8th to 12th of August. More info here: http://www.festaebirres.com/

PS2: Why "agimit"?? Because the name is Stars of sunrise (from "Les étoiles de l'aurore" in French) that can be "Yjët ë agimit" in Albanian. So, AGIMIT is simple to remember, isn't it?