I wish you a happy new year, under the sign of renewal and benevolence. I hope it will bring you beautiful surprises, with joy, calm and serenity.
For my part, no new projects but to grow projects started ...! 

Indeed, you will find to this link, a 8 minutes-movie, telling my first hostel season:

I hope this will make one want to come or come back for some of you. 
I am glad to write my first bookings for the upcoming season :) 
Maybe I insist but it seems I'm objective: Albania is a destination to discover now, before massive tourism which will change landscapes, locals behaviours who are, until now, curious, welcoming, friendly. And don't simply forget the economical development of the country with all the consequences in the way of living (malls, advertising, etc for the most visible).

Some people asked me how to come. You have all the information at the link on my website: how to reach Albania

Don't hesitate to ask me some advice. 

logo stars of sunrise sans texteOtherwise, I worked on the communication stuff to get simpler and more consistent concept, logos. I insist more on the ecological part with this new logo "EcoHostel", a little bit more sober than a former one.

I contact lots of clubs and associations, hoping they will come to Korçë. I work also on my website to improve it, above all booking page and add Italian language (Thanks Nico for translation). Don't hesitate to check it and tell me if there are some bugs...


Next news in April, when I'll be back!


Time. Time is necessary to set, to be known, to build relationships, to see plants growing.
I came with this long time in minds, as a long-term project.

A soft and diplomatic arrival I hope, to be accepted, to take marks and rise the hostel. Yes, it's a bit like a birth. Many people reproduce themselves biologically, I prefered creating with my minds and my hands... So much energy, work, thought for a result which satisfy me a lot.



The feeling to be at the right place: a very pleasant feeling, powerful, that gives you lots of positive energy!

The hostel hosts its first guests, everything's ok.

While my friends were visiting me, I enjoyed exploring the city and surroundings with them. You will see beautiful new pictures on the website:
The administrative side took me lots of time. As a foreigner, there was an order to respect and I was a bit bloked because of my rental contract not signed. This was fixed, thus I could create the society and follow the administrative steps (municipal office, visa, etc) and above all do my internet subscription!!
So, now, I have internet in all the hostel :)
The contacts are going on also for local and organic products for breakfast and micro-grocery. Nowadays, I have lots of cherries!

I am also on different booking websites (I don't tell you which ones, it can be a game to look for me :P) or guides: