This page presents maps of the city and region of Korçë, as well as Albania.


You will find here a link to a well-documented and interactive map, done by Albanian public services.


I advice you to buy paper maps in Albania. Most of them can be purchase in libraries of large cities. 


At this link, maps in image format : Maps gallery


For autonomous travellers, you can find a map of free water sources along the roads as well as some (subjective) highlights in Albania and maps showing roads statements. You have more information on this page of the website: Drive in Albania.


For guests, you will find on the free access computer and in the workbooks of the hostel (or on my Drive) some hiking maps around Korca (signs are rarely present on trails). There are GoogleMaps to be read by your phone easily. I got also .GPX format for people who get specific hiking applications (Stava for example or Wikiloc*).

Other thematic maps are also available (restaurants adresses, suppliers, points of interest, etc).

Below, some extracts for example. 

extrait GMaps Hiking in the city 1 extrait GMaps Some adresses wikiloc carte
Guri i Capit Guri i Capit map Guri i Capit alti


* I advice you to download the free App Wikiloc. You can find my profile (aurorebordet) and have acces to hiking trails easily. Pick up your trail and go! 

wikiloc profil