You can use several ways to reach Albania, a costal country located between Montenegro in the North, Greece in the South and Makedonia in the East.

To reach the EcoHostel, in Korçë, you can read this page.


Air travel

  • an airport in Tirana, TIA code (international airport "Mother Theresa", known as Rinas as well)
  • an airport in Thessaloniki, in Greece, SKG code (international airport of Thessaloniki "Makedonia")
  • these 2 airports are about 3 hours and a half by road from Korçë (rental car, taxi or bus)
  • in the future: an airport will be built in Vlore or Saranda
  • an airport in Ohrid, in Makedonia, OHD code
  • an airport in Corfou, in Greece, CFU or LGKR code

Some compagnies with direct flights:

  • Tui Fly (from Bruxelles-Zaventem to Tirana)
  • Ryanair (from Paris-Beauvais to Thessaloniki)
  • Transavia (from Paris-Orly to Tirana)
  • Wizzair (from Basel, Zurich, London to Ohrid
  • etc 


By road:

  • It is not the most economical way but then you have your vehicule here. Albania (and Balkans generally) is perfect for a roadtrip...
  • You can come along the Adriatic coast, from Croatia, a little part of Bosnia, Montenegro and here you are. You arrive then through Shkoder, in North.
    An other itinary is through Serbia, Kosovo then Makedonia. You arrive then through lakes, in South-East of the country, close to Korçë.
  • Backpakers and travelers who have time: don't put away bus or bike solution... There are many bus companies linking large cities. Lots of people enjoy secondary roads by bike too.
  • A few train roads are present. More information on this dedicated page.


By sea:

  • 4 principal ports in Albania: Durres, Vlora, Saranda and Shengjin.
  • It can be found ferries from Italy, in Bari, and also from Brindisi, Ancône, Trieste and Copri in Slovenia.
  • There are also ferries between Saranda and Corfou greek island..


Vous pouvez aussi consulter les sites internet listés sur le site afin d'avoir d'autres informations.