The hostel is environmental friendly (as far as possible in Albania) thanks to:

  • solar pannels for hot water
  • LEDs or fluo lights in all rooms
  • waste recycling
  • dry toilets in the garden
  • water saving nozzles on all faucets



I support the local economy in several ways:

  • the food provides from local and organic suppliers (as far as possible: it is reminded that there is not a "Organic Farming Chart" in Albania). So, there must be built a suppliers network over time. Knowing its suppliers is the best way to garantee quality and support the local economy! The map of my suppliers is available at the hostel.
  • I set up a little grocery in the hostel to promote local products which can be transported (honey, wine, raki, jam...). A small market is set up to promote exchanges between visitors and locals.
  • activities are suggested and organized by local people (guided visits for example) to promote local and / or traditional know-how
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Local and recycled furniture was used for hostel fittings. The work was done with stuff already there (material, furniture, etc), stuff bought in the Korçë bazar and some stuff brought from France...

The metal beds of the dorm are made by a craftsman from Korçë. The wooden bed was made by my father and me with wood bought in Korçë.

Eventually, the health and well-being aspects are not left out. The mattresses, made of latex, were custom-made in Korçë. The sheets are 100% cotton. Household products (laundry, dishwashing liquid) are made by myself.